How much is my (ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, ect.) worth? – A guide about depreciation and resale value

December 28th, 2023

For powersports enthusiasts, the thrill of the ride is unmatched. Yet, it’s crucial to grasp the financial side, especially depreciation and resale value. In this guide, Different Stroke Motorsports simplifies these concepts, empowering you to make savvy decisions and get the most from your investment.

Section 1: Understanding Depreciation

What is Depreciation? Depreciation is the natural decline in your vehicle’s value over time due to factors like wear, tear, and market changes.

Factors Affecting Depreciation Different factors influence depreciation, such as brand, model popularity, maintenance, and market trends. Knowing these can help you manage your vehicle’s value effectively.

Section 2: Resale Value – Your Asset’s Lifesaver

Importance of Resale Value Resale value is what you can expect when selling your used powersports vehicle. It’s a key consideration during your initial purchase.

Use the Calculator below for an example of depreciation based on your purchase price and length of ownership.

Car Depreciation Calculator

Conclusion: Empowering Your Ride

Want to know more about what your vehicle is worth? It’s easy, head on over to our TRADES page where you can get a CASH OFFER on your vehicle!

Different Stroke Motorsports encourages you to navigate the financial aspects of powersports with confidence. By staying informed, maintaining your vehicle, and making smart choices, every ride becomes an investment in joy and financial wisdom. Happy riding!

Exclusive Holiday Sale Event

December 14th, 2023
Stock NumberConditionModel YearMakeModelList PriceHoliday Sale PriceSavings !!!!Click to View
GPX025154NEW2023GPXFSE 250 E Air Cooled49954495500
GPX025719NEW2023GPXMXR 125 semi21951995200
GPX025731NEW2023GPXFSE 110 semi20951995100
GPX025202NEW2023GPXTSE 25062955795500
GPX024795NEW2023GPXFSE 300 R64955995500
GPX024635NEW2023GPXTSE 300 R69956495500
GPX024730NEW2023GPXTSE 300L74956995500
GPX023036NEW2022GPXFSE 450 R59955495500
GPX024312NEW2022GPXMXR 9015951095500
POL405278USED2022PolarisGeneral XP 4 1000 Deluxe Ride Command31995299952000×4-full-cab-heat/
POL475585USED2022PolarisRZR Trail S 1000 Premium16995149952000
LYN000108USED2022LYNXBoonDocker DS 4100 850 E-TEC PowderMax Light FlexEdge 3.0 SHOT – EARLY INTRO13995129951000
LYN000358USED2022LYNXBoonDocker DS 4100 850 E-TEC PowderMax Light FlexEdge 3.0 SHOT14495134951000
CAN000156USED2021Can-AmDefender Limited HD10SOLDSOLDSOLD
NORN01866NEW2021North Star TrailersAllstar 5×8 Utility1395995400×8-steel-atv-trailer/
NORN01865NEW2021North Star TrailersAllstar 5×8 Utility1395995400×8-steel-atv-trailer/
NORN01862NEW2021North Star TrailersAllstar 5×8 Utility1395995400×8-steel-atv-trailer/
HIS000282USED2021HisunSector E111995109951000×4-42-mile-range/
BMS172904NEW2020BMSChelsea 15019951595400
POL877349USED2020PolarisRanger 1000 Premium20995199951000×4-eps-full-hard-cab-w-heater/
BMW826139USED2019BMWG 310 GS499539951000
POL846042USED2019PolarisGeneral 4 1000 EPS22995199953000×4-full-cab-w-heater/
SUZ101423USED2018SuzukiV-Strom 1000999589951000
SKI000093USED2012Ski-DooRenegade® Sport 550F499539951000
HON116901USED2008HondaFourTrax® Rancher® 4×4 ES59955295700×4-winch-snowplow-low-miles/
TRID00544USED1998Triton TrailersTriton 2334952995500

Unveiling the Excellence of Certified Pre-Owned: A Comprehensive Guide from Different Stroke Motorsports

December 13th, 2023

In the realm of powersports excellence, the term “certified pre-owned” (CPO) has become synonymous with quality and reliability. At Different Stroke Motorsports, we take pride in our commitment to delivering top-tier certified pre-owned vehicles. In this blog post, we’ll not only unravel the significance of certified pre-owned powersports vehicles but also shed light on our meticulous 24-point inspection process, culminating in a complete vehicle detail and final inspection. This ensures an unparalleled powersports vehicle-buying experience.

Certified pre-owned powersports vehicles represent a gold standard in the used vehicle market. These vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection and certification process, ensuring they meet the highest quality and performance standards. What sets certified pre-owned powersports vehicles apart is the added layer of assurance they provide to buyers, making them a compelling choice in an ever-evolving powersports landscape.

Different Stroke Motorsports’ 24-Point Inspection Process

Our dedication to delivering excellence begins with our comprehensive 24-point inspection process. This process is designed to scrutinize every aspect of the powersports vehicle, guaranteeing that it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Here’s a glimpse into the key components of our meticulous inspection:

  1. Engine Performance: Thorough evaluation of engine efficiency, including checks for any abnormal noises, leaks, or performance issues.
  2. Transmission: A detailed examination of the transmission system to ensure smooth and reliable operation.
  3. Brake System: Comprehensive inspection of the brake components, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
  4. Suspension and Steering: Rigorous examination of the suspension and steering systems to guarantee a smooth and controlled riding experience.
  5. Driveline Components: Assessment of driveline components for proper functioning and performance.
  6. Fluid Levels: Verification of fluid levels, including engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid, to ensure they meet manufacturer specifications.
  7. Tire Condition: Inspection of tire tread depth, condition, and proper inflation for enhanced safety and longevity.
  8. Battery Health: Evaluation of the battery’s overall health and charging system to prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  9. Electrical System: Comprehensive examination of the powersports vehicle’s electrical components, including lights, switches, and accessories.
  10. Interior Condition: Inspection of the interior for wear and tear, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for the rider.
  11. Exterior Appearance: Thorough examination of the exterior, including paint condition, body panels, and overall aesthetics.
  12. Alignment Check: Verification of proper wheel alignment to ensure optimal tire wear and handling.
  13. Test Drive: An invigorating test drive to evaluate the vehicle’s performance, handling, and overall ride experience.
  14. Extended Warranty: As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer an extended warranty for additional coverage beyond the original factory warranty.

Finishing Touch: Complete Vehicle Detail and Final Inspection

To elevate your powersports vehicle-buying experience, our process concludes with a meticulous vehicle detail and final inspection. This step ensures that your certified pre-owned powersports vehicle not only meets mechanical standards but also shines aesthetically. Our expert team pays attention to every detail, leaving you with a powersports vehicle that looks and performs like new.

Advantages of Different Stroke Motorsports Certified Pre-Owned

Our 24-point inspection process sets the stage for a selection of certified pre-owned vehicles that exceed industry standards. By choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle from Different Stroke Motorsports, you benefit from:

  • Unrivaled Quality: Our rigorous inspection process ensures that every vehicle surpasses expectations, providing you with a high-quality and reliable driving experience.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle has undergone a comprehensive 24-point inspection instills confidence and peace of mind, eliminating uncertainties associated with purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Extended Protection: Our extended warranty offers additional protection, demonstrating our commitment to your satisfaction and long-term enjoyment of your certified pre-owned vehicle.

In the pursuit of automotive excellence, Different Stroke Motorsports stands as a beacon of quality and reliability. Our commitment to a 24-point inspection process ensures that each certified pre-owned vehicle surpasses industry standards, offering you unparalleled peace of mind and satisfaction. Elevate your vehicle-buying experience with Different Stroke Motorsports and embark on a journey where excellence meets assurance.

Enhance Your UTV Experience with a Cab Enclosure and Heater: Stay Warm and Dry with Different Stroke Motorsports

August 17th, 2023

When you’re out exploring the rugged terrains and breathtaking landscapes in your UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), having the right accessories can make a world of difference. One such enhancement that can transform your off-road experience is the installation of a high-quality cab enclosure and heater. At Different Stroke Motorsports, we’re dedicated to delivering unmatched comfort and protection for UTV enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll showcase some of the top-notch brands we work with, including Inferno, SuperATV, Tusk, Kolpin, Open Trail, and Seizmik, to ensure your off-road journeys are warm and enjoyable.

Inferno: Pioneering Warmth for Every UTV: In the world of UTV accessories, Inferno shines as a leader in crafting superior cab heaters that cater to nearly every make and model machine on the market. Renowned for their innovative approach to UTV heating solutions, Inferno ensures that you stay warm and comfortable during your off-road adventures, regardless of the weather. Their cab heaters are engineered with precision, providing consistent warmth and reliable performance that perfectly complements your UTV’s design. When it comes to embracing the chill and turning it into an enjoyable ride, Inferno is the name that stands out above the rest.

Click the link to view their products.

    SuperATV: Elevate Comfort for Every UTV Enthusiast: When it comes to pioneering comfort and protection for UTV enthusiasts, SuperATV leads the way with their innovative cab enclosure systems. With a focus on delivering unbeatable solutions, SuperATV has crafted cab enclosures for a range of UTV models, including Polaris Ranger and RZR XP, Honda Pioneer and Talon, Can-Am Defender and Maverick X3. These meticulously designed enclosures seamlessly integrate with your UTV, providing a comfortable and sheltered interior space. SuperATV’s commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, ensuring that your off-road adventures are taken to the next level of comfort and excitement.

    Click the link to view their products.

    Tusk: Unbeatable Value for Your UTV: When it comes to UTV accessories that offer incredible value, Tusk takes the spotlight. Renowned for their durability and performance, Tusk’s cab enclosures are a game-changer for machines like Polaris General and Honda Talon. Crafted from top-quality materials, these enclosures provide exceptional protection against the elements while ensuring a comfortable interior space. Tusk’s dedication to delivering superior products perfectly aligns with your desire for UTV accessories that truly enhance your off-road adventures.

    Click the link to view their products.

    Open Trail: Defining Adventure with Robust Cab Enclosures: When it comes to rugged reliability, Open Trail takes the lead with their cab enclosure systems crafted from 5mm thick polycarbonate and durable steel frames. These meticulously designed enclosures provide unparalleled protection against the elements while ensuring you have a clear view of the world around you. With a commitment to catering to a wide range of UTV models, Open Trail offers cab systems for machines including Yamaha Wolverine and RMAX, Kawasaki Mule and Teryx, ARGO, CF-Moto, Can-Am Commander, and many more! Get ready to redefine your off-road adventures with the unbeatable combination of durability and visibility that Open Trail brings to the table.

    Click the link to view their products.

    Seizmik: Embrace Clarity and Affordability: When it comes to enhancing your UTV experience, Seizmik stands out with their cost-friendly steel-framed soft doors. These doors not only provide protection but also enable you to see the world with newfound clarity. Designed to keep you comfortable while navigating diverse terrains, Seizmik’s steel-framed soft doors open up a world of possibilities without compromising on quality or affordability.

    Click the link to view their products.

    Benefits of Our Cab Enclosures and Heaters:

    • Customized Fit: Our cab enclosures are designed to seamlessly integrate with your UTV’s structure, ensuring a snug fit that keeps the elements out and provides a comfortable interior space.
    • Durable Materials: We use high-quality materials that are built to withstand rugged terrain and weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
    • Easy Installation: Our experienced technicians can install your cab enclosure and heater efficiently, saving you time and hassle.
    • Enhanced Safety: Shielding yourself from rain, snow, and wind not only provides comfort but also enhances safety by improving visibility and reducing distractions.
    • Extended Riding Season: With a heater, you can extend your riding season well into the colder months, making the most of your UTV investment.

    Your Accessory Expert: At Different Stroke Motorsports, our mission is to provide you with the finest cab enclosures and heaters from these renowned brands. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that your chosen accessories are expertly installed, so you can embark on your UTV adventures with confidence and comfort.

    Embarking on off-road adventures in your UTV should be a thrilling and comfortable experience, regardless of the weather. Different Stroke Motorsports offers a comprehensive solution with our top-quality cab enclosures and heaters, catering to UTV enthusiasts of all makes and models. Don’t let adverse weather conditions limit your enjoyment – invest in the comfort and protection that our accessories provide and make every ride an unforgettable one. Contact Different Stroke Motorsports today to elevate your UTV experience to new heights.

    Mastering Winter Chores with Versatile KFI Snow Plows: Your Ultimate Guide

    August 14th, 2023

    As winter’s chill blankets the landscape, property owners and outdoor enthusiasts gear up for a season of snow-covered challenges. Clearing snow can be daunting, but KFI Snow Plows offer an efficient solution. In this guide, we’ll explore KFI Snow Plows, their features, and how they simplify winter chores.

    The Power of KFI Snow Plows: Taming Winter’s Blanket

    • Efficient Snow Removal: KFI Snow Plows are designed to make snow removal hassle-free. Their robust construction and precise design effortlessly cut through even the heaviest snowfalls.
    • Quick Attach System: Time is of the essence in snow removal. KFI Snow Plows feature a quick attach system for easy mounting and dismounting, allowing you to get to work swiftly.
    • Adjustable Angles: KFI Snow Plows come with adjustable angles, giving you control over the snow’s direction. Clear snow exactly where you want it to go.
    • Durable Build: KFI Snow Plows are built to withstand winter’s harsh conditions, remaining effective in the coldest temperatures.

    A Plow for Every Need: Sizes and Applications

    ATV Snow Plows: KFI offers plows in 48″, 54″, and 60″ sizes for ATVs. These versatile options are perfect for clearing driveways, walkways, and smaller areas efficiently.

    UTV Snow Plows: For larger snow-clearing tasks, KFI presents UTV plows in 60″, 66″, and 72″ sizes. These plows are suitable for managing expansive areas like parking lots and commercial spaces.

    Enhanced Convenience with Electric Hydraulic Actuators

    For those seeking ultimate convenience, KFI Snow Plows can be equipped with electric hydraulic actuators. This feature further streamlines your snow clearing process:

    • Effortless Control: Electric hydraulic actuators allow you to raise and lower the plow with the push of a button, eliminating manual effort and making your snow clearing experience even smoother.
    • Precision Angling: Adjust the plow’s angle electronically, ensuring precise snow placement without leaving the comfort of your vehicle.

    Simplify Your Snow Clearing Routine

    • Residential Snow Clearing: KFI Snow Plows eliminate back-breaking shoveling. Clear residential driveways and pathways with ease, turning hours of labor into a quick task.
    • Commercial Snow Management: Businesses can ensure safety for employees and customers. KFI Snow Plows efficiently clear larger areas like parking lots and entryways.
    • Landscaping and Property Maintenance: Property owners and managers can rely on KFI Snow Plows for landscaping and maintenance. Keep outdoor spaces accessible regardless of weather.

    Discover KFI Snow Plows at Different Stroke Motorsports

    Ready to conquer winter chores? Find KFI Snow Plows and more at Different Stroke Motorsports. With various sizes available, you can select the perfect plow for your needs. All plows are in stock, ensuring you’re prepared for the winter ahead. Additionally, we offer installation services and carry mounting brackets for all makes and models, making the process seamless. Contact us by phone or visit to explore KFI Snow Plows’ efficiency and convenience.

    Equip yourself with the right tools to combat winter’s challenges. KFI Snow Plows stand as a testament to innovation in snow removal equipment. Their efficiency, durability, and size options make them versatile solutions. Don’t let winter hinder you – grab a KFI Snow Plow and take on the cold with confidence, especially with the added convenience of electric hydraulic actuators.

    Camso All-terrain Track Systems for ATV and UTV

    August 10th, 2023
    Tim Johnson

    Written by Tim Johnson

    Unleash Winter Adventures with Camso Track Systems

    As winter blankets the world in a pristine white, the hearts of powersports enthusiasts beat faster in anticipation of conquering snowy landscapes. But what if we told you that you could take your winter adventures to a whole new level? Camso track systems are here to make that a reality. These groundbreaking systems are designed to effortlessly transform your ATVs and UTVs into unstoppable snow machines. And now, with Camso’s innovative Transfer Assistant, transitioning track systems between different machines has never been easier.

    The Evolution of Camso Track Systems: Originally developed for agricultural and industrial applications, Camso has harnessed their expertise to create track systems for recreational powersports. These systems have evolved to meet the demands of snow enthusiasts who are determined to embrace winter adventures head-on.

    Unmatched Performance and Versatility

    1. Empower Your ATVs and UTVs: Camso track systems empower ATVs and UTVs to conquer even the most challenging snow-covered terrains. Bid farewell to being stuck in deep snow or struggling with traditional tires. With Camso tracks, you can confidently navigate harsh winter conditions.
    2. Unparalleled Traction and Control: The key to Camso’s success lies in their exceptional traction capabilities. These track systems are meticulously engineered to maximize contact with the snow, providing unparalleled grip and control. Whether you’re tackling icy trails or ascending steep slopes, Camso tracks keep you in command.
    3. Smooth Ride Experience: Despite their rugged appearance, Camso track systems offer a surprisingly smooth ride. Advanced engineering minimizes vibrations and shocks, ensuring your winter escapades are comfortable and enjoyable.

    The Convenience of the Transfer Assistant

    1. Seamless Transitions: Camso’s new Transfer Assistant takes convenience to the next level. Switching track systems between different machines is now a breeze. Whether you want to transfer your tracks from your ATV to your UTV or vice versa, the Transfer Assistant simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.
    2. Adaptable Design: The Transfer Assistant’s adaptable design ensures compatibility with a variety of ATVs and UTVs. This means you can make the most of your track system investment by easily transferring it between your vehicles, enhancing the value and versatility of your winter gear.

    Camso Track Systems: Your Gateway to Winter Thrills

    1. Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: Camso tracks open doors to unexplored territories during the winter months. Venture into remote trails, access breathtaking viewpoints, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of winter landscapes that were once beyond reach. With these tracks, your ATV or UTV becomes your passport to an extraordinary winter adventure.
    2. Diverse Recreational Opportunities: From leisurely rides through snow-draped forests to adrenaline-pumping off-road challenges, Camso track systems cater to a wide range of recreational activities. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer, you can create cherished memories against the backdrop of winter’s enchanting scenery.

    Experience the Camso Difference with Transfer Assistant at Different Stroke Motorsports:

    At Different Stroke Motorsports, we take pride in offering the latest innovations in powersports. Our collection of Camso track systems, now equipped with the Transfer Assistant, unlocks a realm of winter possibilities for ATV and UTV enthusiasts. Our expert team is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the perfect track system for your vehicle, ensuring you’re prepared for an unparalleled winter adventure.

    Contact us today to explore our range of options and prepare for a winter adventure like no other!

    HiSun Sector 550 UTV Review

    June 23rd, 2022

    Last week we had the opportunity to take a line of HiSun machines out to Pipestone, Montana for a day of riding and testing. One of those machines was the Sector 550 EPS UTV. This machine is a 550cc fuel injected 2 seater utility vehicle. It comes stock with pretty much all of the major features you might want – selectable 2×4 4×4, power steering, street legal, dump box, winch, lockable differential, and more.

    As a whole we were very pleased with the machine. It is spacious and handles well. The bed is useful and we were able to haul all of our gear comfortably. While we often found our foot to the floor, the 550cc engine was able to pull up any hill we pointed it at and never let us down. It isn’t the fastest side by side around, but it is smooth and reliable. Despite itching for a little more speed here and there, we had plenty of fun rallying this SxS through the double track at Pipestone.

    Watch our review of the HiSun Sector 550 on YouTube

    Really we didn’t have any major complaints. When you set the parking brake, the machine has a high pitched and very annoying beep that continues until the machine is turned off. The tailgate is also not strong enough to sit on, which is a natural thing to want to do.

    The Sector did great for our utility work around the shop as well. We hauled a trailer filled with tires that was likely overweight and the little 550 pulled it without complaint. This is a tough machine to beat at this price point. I might have my eye on the 750 purely for the fun of a having a little more power, but for many people the 550 might be just right. For a utility side by side, the Sector is high quality at a great value.

    HiSun Tactic 750 EPS 2 Up Review

    June 22nd, 2022

    Last week we had the opportunity to bring the HiSun Tactic 750 out to Pipestone, Montana to film a review and see what we thought about the machine. Our overall thoughts were overwhelmingly positive. The machine looks good and performs even better. This 750 has the perfect amount of power. It has enough to be able to break traction and have some fun, but not so much that it’s scary. It pulled strong and smooth up any hill we pointed it at.

    Watch our review of the HiSun Tactic 750 on YouTube

    The machine handles quite well and we never felt off balance. The suspension is high quality and fully adjustable. The brakes are strong, but often not even necessary since the engine braking is so powerful. All of the controls are intuitive, well placed and easy to use. The seat is comfortable and the riding position is natural. If I were in the market for a touring four wheeler on the lower end of the price spectrum, I would have my eye on a HiSun Tactic 750. The 750 is a well built and reliable unit that I would be prepared to take on any adventure.

    HiSun Tactic 550 EPS 2 Up Review

    June 20th, 2022

    Last week we had the opportunity to bring the HiSun Tactic 550 out to Pipestone, Montana to film a review and see what we thought about the machine. Our overall thoughts were overwhelmingly positive. The machine looks good and performs even better. We truly didn’t have any complaints aside from the fact that being a 550, sometimes a little more power is desired. With that said, we never actually needed more power. The machine didn’t strand us anywhere or get stuck on any climbs. We just found ourselves riding it with our thumb pressed as far is it would go for the majority of our time riding it, but it got us everywhere we wanted to go without complaint.

    Watch our HiSun Tactic 550 review on YouTube

    The machine handles quite well and we never felt off balance. The suspension is high quality and fully adjustable. The brakes are strong, but often not even necessary since the engine braking is so powerful. All of the controls are intuitive, well placed and easy to use. The seat is comfortable and the riding position is natural. If I were in the market for a touring four wheeler on the lower end of the price spectrum, I would have my eye on a HiSun Tactic 550. With a little more to spend I might be keen to go for the 750 since it’s just a little more fun to ride with that extra power. The 550 is a well built and reliable unit that I would be prepared to take on any adventure.

    GPX FSE 190R Review

    May 31st, 2022

    Written by

    To continue our GPX dirt bike review series out at Radersburg, Montana, we had the opportunity to ride the small but mighty GPX FSE 190R. While we have referred to the power of many of the other GPX bikes as “tame”, this little 190R is anything but that. This is a fast, fun pit bike for someone with the need for speed. This will be the fastest pitter at the races for an adult, or truthfully a really fun, fast and reliable bike for a kid of the appropriate size.

    The FSE 190R is offered in 3 different wheel sizes: 12″/14″, 14″/17″ and a fat tire combo. We rode the 14″/17″ combo for our test day and loved pretty much everything about it. This 190cc 4-valve 4 stroke motor packs a lot of punch into a little package. The bike is a 5 speed manual and it barks like a modern 450. Seriously, this bike sounds mean. The suspension is adjustable, brakes are strong, and overall componentry is top-notch. While some seem to be skeptical of Chinese dirt bikes, this bike oozes a level of quality that might surprise you. It isn’t the cheapest pit bike on the market, and rightfully so – it’s too good to be cheap.

    Watch our full review video of the GPX FSE 190R at Radersburg, Montana

    We really only experienced one issue with the bike during our action packed day of testing, and that was the kick starter accidentally getting pushed backwards and engaging while riding. It becomes obvious when that happens, as you can hear the starter motor whirring about next to your foot. The kick starter is just in a less-than-ideal location and is easily hit by accident. The bike does have electric start as well, so truthfully we would recommend just removing the kick starter all together. Problem solved. With a 1 gallon fuel tank you’re not going to get too far from the truck anyway, so getting stranded in the middle of nowhere without a kick starter is a concern you probably don’t need to worry too much about.

    The clutch is smooth and the bike is torquey. It is incredible easy to clutch the front wheel up on this bike in pretty much any gear; its power to weight ratio is truly impressive. We’ve strived to keep these GPX reviews open and honest, and we’re honest when we say this 190 might be our favorite GPX yet. If you have an open slot in your shop, this might just be the bike to fill it.

    Oh – did we mention that we’re raffling off one of the fat tire versions of this bike? We’re hosting a customer appreciation day on June 11th. Full details can be found here!

    GPX FSE 450R Review

    May 25th, 2022

    Written by

    Our test of the GPX FSE 450R concludes our review series of GPX’s full size enduro bikes until we can get our hands on a TSE 300R later this year. After riding the FSE 250E and FSE 300R, I was very curious to see how much power GPX’s beefy 450 had. It became apparent very quickly that this bike is not a fire breathing motocross bike. When most people think of a 450, they think of incredible torque and explosive power. This GPX 450 is not that. The power is incredibly tame, and I struggled to get the front wheel off the ground even when using the clutch. It feels a bit like a DRZ400S. With this said, it is clear that the EFI mapping needs work. The bike runs very hot and lean, and it struggles to create good, smooth power everywhere but the very bottom.

    Throughout all of our GPX reviews we have been very happy with the chassis and suspension, and that is no different for the 450. The bike handles and steers well. The suspension does a good job at absorbing big impacts while eating up small bumps, and manages to stay high in the stroke. The brakes are strong, but we did have a complaint regarding the rear brake on this bike. The rear brake pedal has an enormous foot. We aren’t sure if GPX did this since the case is so wide to ensure you can reach the pedal, but it sticks out pretty far and we actually caught it on a shrub when turning right. This could be worth a modification.

    Watch our review of the GPX FSE 450R

    The shifter was also a major issue for us. The case is so wide that the shifter comes stock pointed way down to clear the case when upshifting. We moved it up one tooth and ground the top of the shifter off a little bit to help with clearance, but had a lot of missed shifts throughout our day of testing. With this said, we have read from multiple sources that the IMS Shift Lever for a 2000 Honda XR650L will fit this bike and alleviate the problem.

    Alright, I had to get the cons out of the way. Let’s move onto where the bike shines. It feels smooth and planted. It carries itself well at very high speeds. I ran it 80 MPH down a dirt road with no signs of wobble of headshake. This would be a nice dual sport bike and definitely has the motor to run highway speeds comfortably. With the EFI tuned, I believe the bike has so much more to offer. The componentry is nice and the bike has quality finishes. It’s a really good looking dirt bike.

    Compared to the other bikes in GPX’s enduro line, the 450 was our least favorite for the reasons stated above. With attention to those 3 items, this could be a very good bike at a very good price point. It has a lot of potential that we know can be unlocked. We are currently working to get one of them tuned so we can give our opinions on a properly fueled GPX FSE 450R. Until then, we will be honest in saying the bike is good but not great and has a couple issues that should be resolved to ride the bike aggressively. For dual sport use, the bike is good out of the box.

    Customer Appreciation Day

    May 18th, 2022

    We are so excited to be hosting a customer appreciation day on Saturday, June 11th from 11am to 3pm! We will have free food and drinks including burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda and water. Everyone in attendance will receive a free raffle ticket and we will be giving away prizes every half hour!

    You will have the chance to win any of these items with no purchase necessary:

    • Fuel can
    • Battery charger
    • LED light bar
    • LED whips
    • Tire repair kit
    • Goggles
    • Tote bag with hat and shirt
    • Ratchet straps

    We will have a demo course set up and a selection of units available for demo rides. We will have helmets of each size available, but feel free to bring your own safety equipment and gear!

    In addition, we will be doing a raffle for one of four major units! Raffle tickets will cost $20 each or $50 for 3. Tickets will be sold at the Gallatin Speedway on June 3rd and at Different Stroke Motorsports beginning Friday, May 20th through Saturday, June 11th. Raffle tickets can be purchased using cash, check, or debit card. Credit cards will not be accepted for raffle tickets.

    The winner will be given the choice of any one of these four units:

    In order to enter, you must be 18 years of age or older and reside in Montana. The drawing will take place at 2:30pm at Different Stroke Motorsports on Saturday, June 11th, 2022. We will draw the winning ticket from a bucket where all of the entries will be stored.

    The raffle is being held by Different Stroke Motorsports. We are located at 170 Travis Way in Manhattan, Montana and can be reached via email at or phone at (406)284-9985. If you have any questions please contact us.

    We estimate sales of 50-200 raffle tickets. No more than 2000 tickets will be sold.

    GPX Dirt Bike Specifications and Capacities

    April 21st, 2022

    Written by

    GPX does not currently offer owner’s manuals for their line of motorcycles. We are working to create resources to ensure you know how to maintain and service your GPX! Feel free to give us a call at (406)284-9985 if you have any questions about your machine. Below are some general specifications for each of their full size bikes.

    Note that some maintenance parts such as air filters, oil filters and fuel filters can be found in the parts section of the GPX moto website.

    Oil Change10W-40 wet clutch safe
    Oil Capacity1 quart
    GPX FSE 250sOil FilterNo filter – oil screen only
    Spark PlugDR8EA
    Fuel87+ octane ethanol free
    Oil Type10W-40 wet clutch safe
    Oil Capacity1 quart
    GPX FSE 250EOil FilterNo filter – oil screen only
    Spark PlugDR8EA
    Fuel87+ octane ethanol free
    Oil Type10W-30 wet clutch safe
    Oil Capacity800cc / 0.84 quarts
    GPX TSE 250ROil FilterNo filter
    Service ManualSpark PlugBR9ES, BR9EIX
    Fuel87+ octane ethanol free mixed 40:1
    Oil Type10W-40 wet clutch safe
    Oil Capacity1.7 quarts
    GPX FSE 300ROil FilterGPX filter and 2 reusable oil screens
    Spark PlugCR8EIX
    Fuel87+ octane ethanol free
    Oil Type10W-40 wet clutch safe
    Oil Capacity1.7 quarts
    GPX FSE 450ROil FilterGPX filter and 2 reusable oil screens
    Spark PlugER9EH, ER9EHIX
    Fuel87+ octane ethanol free

    GPX TSE 250R vs KTM 250 XC TPI

    April 19th, 2022

    Written by

    How does the GPX TSE 250R with a price tag of $6,295 compare to the KTM 250 XC TPI with a price tag of $10,599? Can the KTM really be that much better? A beautiful day out at Radersburg, Montana helped us answer that question. In short, as you might expect, the KTM is a better bike. But depending on what type of rider you are and what your goals on a dirt bike are, that might be totally irrelevant. The GPX is a phenomenal bike in its own right, and is worth every penny of the modest $6,295 price tag.

    Watch our full comparison video of the GPX TSE 250R and the KTM 250 XC TPI on YouTube

    The KTM is my own personal bike that I’ve put 100+ hours on, so I’m very comfortable with everything about it at this point. I rode the GPX first during our day of testing. Initially, my thought was “wow, this thing is every bit as good as my KTM.” The suspension is smooth with a consistent stroke, good bottoming resistance and a solid ability to deflect small bumps. The chassis feels much like that of my KTM, which is not surprising due to the fact that it almost an exact copy. The motor revs out quickly and demands to be shifted. The power is smooth and strong, but I quickly noticed there is almost no overrev and the bike must be shifted to continue acceleration. The bike does not feel all that heavy, but it isn’t as flickable as the KTM.

    Once I hopped back on my KTM, my brain then went “oh, I forgot how good this thing is.” While the GPX truly feels comparable, the KTM is just smoother and faster. Each component is simply a little stronger. The suspension is even smoother, the brakes are stronger, and the bike is fast. Keep in mind the KTM is a fire breathing race bike. The power is strong all the way from the bottom to top and it’s an aggressive machine. It will lug in low RPMs through just about anything, but as soon as you twist the throttle it goes.

    Where the KTM will lug, the GPX will continue to pull but demands the throttle to be twisted harder in order to keep going. The GPX shines in its mid to top end. While it does not like to be lugged, it is impressive that it has the torque to pull itself into the powerband instead of bogging out. The engine characteristics of these two bikes are very different in this way. While the GPX has much more overall power than a 125, I compare it to a 125 in the way it likes to be ridden. It likes to be shifted often and spend most of its time in the powerband.

    As a whole, if I were looking for a fast, fun casual trail bike that could take me anywhere at a reasonable price point, the GPX TSE 250R would be high on my radar. If I were in the market for a competitive race bike, I’d have to choose the KTM.

    GPX TSE 250R Review

    April 14th, 2022

    Written by

    As we continue our ride and review series for the GPX line of dirtbikes, we finally had the opportunity to bring the 2022 GPX TSE 250R 2 stroke out to Radersburg for some riding and testing. This engine on this bike is based on an older Yamaha engine design and is actually 224ccc, not 249cc. The chassis, as with the other full sized GPX bikes, closely resembles that of a KTM and shares similar components.

    This is a beautiful bike with quality components: billet hubs and footpegs, fully adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, full instrumentation, a street legal kit, handguards and more. GPX certainly packs a big package into a small price tag. From our testing, this bike is every bit as reliable as a big name brand and the price just can’t be beat. It has electric start with a backup kickstarter as well.

    Watch our review of the GPX TSE 250R

    Overall, we love the chassis. The bike feels great and handles smoothly. Vibration is minimal, suspension is fluid and brakes are strong. The engine on this bike demands to be ridden aggressively. It makes great power in the top end but must be shifted to maintain acceleration; it has little to no overrev and you’ll find yourself going through gears quickly. The shift lever is low and close to the case in the stock position. Raising the shifter would help significantly, but the closeness to the case might be a difficult fix.

    The bottom end is relatively strong but the bike does not necessarily “lug”; it has an impressive ability to keep pulling into the top end, but if you don’t keep the throttle twisted hard you might not get very far up anything technical. The bike performs its best when the RPMs are high. I felt like I had to ride it a bit like a 125, but the hit into the powerband isn’t quite so hard and the bottom end is stronger. Like I said, it demands to be shifted a lot which is very 125-esque.

    While the bike may not be quite as fast as a YZ250 or a KTM 250 XC, it is fun, smooth and consistent. It is arguably easier to ride and more friendly to a newer rider as the power is not quite so aggressive but still available when you need it. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this bike on any of the single track I’ve ridden around Montana, some of which is very technical and demanding. This is a great trail bike at a great price. While it may not be the fastest bike in a race, it is reliable, fun and affordable.

    The Best Way to Haul 3 Dirt Bikes in Your Truck Bed

    April 13th, 2022

    Written by

    Carpooling with dirt bikes can be a bit tricky. Fitting the gear and bikes of 3 riders can be a difficult and frustrating task in a truck bed. Even with 2 bikes, crossing straps is tedious. There are certainly ways to get it done, but most of them require extra time and energy that could be spent at the track or on the trails. This issue has been solved by the CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack. This rack mounts into your truck bed and makes it incredibly fast and easy to load 2 or 3 dirt bikes.

    CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack mounted in a Ram 1500

    The Bed Buddy has wheel chocks for 3 bikes. The first 2 bikes go in the left and right slots, and CCR offers a convenient extender for the 3rd bike that offsets it back far enough that handlebars will not interfere with each other. The rack has a convenient tiedown point right in the middle that completely eliminates the need to cross straps. This is always the most difficult part of the process from our experience, and CCR eliminates that difficulty.

    3rd bike extender on the CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack

    For the 3rd bike in the middle, we tend to recommend ratchet straps instead of cam straps as it can be a bit tough to get enough tension on the 3rd bike without ratchets due to the lack of available space. The outer bikes can use cam straps or ratchet straps based on your personal preference. Generally with dirt bikes we prefer cam straps as they are just a bit quicker when loading and unloading bikes.

    Mounting the Bed Buddy is easy. It comes with hardware that can be used to blindly mount the rack, eliminating the need to access the backside of your truck bed to thread nuts onto bolts. There are 3 different size racks for small, medium and large pickups. These racks are reasonably priced at $209.99 and $69.99 for the third bike extender. From our experience the CCR Bed Buddy moto rack is money well spent, and you will thank yourself for the convenience every time you load more than 1 bike into your pickup bed.

    CCR Bed Buddy moto racks are available today at Different Stroke Motorsports. Stop by the shop and purchase yours today!

    GPX FSE 250S Review

    April 5th, 2022

    Written by

    In October of 2021, I stumbled upon an up-and-coming line of import bikes: GPX Moto imported by USA Motortoys out of Utah. We were instantly hooked and began building an order. We were most excited to see the full size bikes (FSE 250E, TSE 250R, FSE 300R, FSE 450R). Little did we know that the entry level FSE 250S would be such a hit. With the weather warming up and riding season about to begin, we decided to get a few bikes out for testing and review purposes including an FSE 250S.

    The 250S is a midsize bike set up with the 16×19 wheel set. It has a very manageable 34” seat height and weighs in around 240lbs. Perfect for the vertically challenged or new riders who are more apt to dab a foot when needed. The air cooled 4 stroke is the same engine that is in the full size 250E. The six speed transmission gives plenty of options on the trail and enough gearing to comfortably cruise on road. Did I mention it comes set up for the street complete with a horn, blinkers, mirrors, and headlight?

    Watch our GPX FSE 250S Review on YouTube

    While riding around Radersburg OHV, I found the 250S to be plenty capable of anything I pointed it at. The low seat height allowed for a relaxed approach when cruising around the lot and on the easy trails. On bigger hills 1st and 2nd gear had plenty of grunt to pull the bike at crawling speed. When pushed a little harder it maintains stability well. Given this is not a motocross bike, we didn’t send it around the track at full speed. This is a trail bike, crossing into the dual sport and enduro category. The suspension might be the most impressive part of the bike with good feel over rollers and choppy sections deflecting hits from rocks and roots well. All this positive feedback is with no set up after assembly; the front fork has compression adjustment and there is preload on the rear shock. I feel there is room for improvement with some set up. Compared to other bikes in the category of “starter trail bikes”, the FSE 250s wins hands down. It has more power, better suspension, and more features than the 140-150 class bikes (KLX140, CRF150F). When compared to the other 230-250cc trail bikes (CRF230F, TTR230) it has better suspension, equal power, more features and a lower price.

    We had no issues with the bike while testing. The electric start fires the bike effortlessly. I did struggle with the shifter a bit as it’s tucked fairly close to the side cover. I think this could be easily fixed either by bending the lever or replacing it with a different one. We did notice that it’s wider than the more race oriented bikes, although this is not too much of an issue and would be easy to get used to.

    GPX FSE 250E Review

    March 31st, 2022

    Written by

    A warm day in Montana in mid-March gave us the perfect opportunity to take our brand new fleet of 2022 GPX dirtbikes out for a day of testing. We loaded up and drove out to Radersburg, Montana to do some riding and filming and develop opinions on these Chinese machines. One of our bikes of focus was the 2022 GPX FSE 250E.

    This bike is an air cooled, carbureted 250cc 4 stroke dirtbike. It comes fully street legal with blinkers, brake lights, mirrors and a headlight. It also includes a motocross style number plate and all of these additions can be easily removed to make it more of an off-road oriented machine. The bike isn’t the lightest there is but carries it weight well, tipping the scales at 247 pounds full of fuel and ready to ride.

    Our Review of the 2022 GPX FSE 250E

    I was immediately impressed with the chassis. The bike feels and handles much like a KTM and I felt right at home. After only a couple of laps on the bike I was feeling comfortable and flicking it around with ease. The suspension is surprisingly good; I didn’t expect it to be bad, but it exceeded all of my expectations. The forks have amazing bottoming resistance and eat up small bumps well. The suspension truly feels competitive with the setups on modern Japanese or Austrian bikes. I might not have been able to tell the difference if the forks were unbranded and you told me to compare them to modern Showas, KYBs, or WP.

    The brakes are strong but not as good as Brembos. Brembos are the gold standard in braking so that might be expected. They did not leave much to be desired, but could have a bit more bite if I’m being picky. Now that I’ve established how impressed I was with the chassis, let’s talk about the engine.

    The power is surprisingly good. The bottom end throttle response is very smooth and responsive. It is not too difficult to lift the front wheel with a little help of the clutch and the correct RPMs. The bike does run through its gears very quickly and demands to be shifted to be ridden fast. It does not have good over rev and will stop accelerating if you do not shift up. The power is very smooth and controllable. An experienced rider can ride this bike very hard and rev it to the moon with complete control. A new rider would feel comfortable on this bike as the power is incredibly manageable and does not feel overwhelming or like the bike can get away from you. The fact that this bike is as good as it is with a simple air cooled engine design and minimal maintenance is quite impressive. The low end torque is fairly strong and this bike would have no issue taking you up some fairly difficult terrain without complaining.

    The only real issue we experienced with this bike was the handlebar mounts coming loose. We added Loctite to the mounting bolts of a TSE 250R before testing it after we experienced this issue and did not experience any problems. As of now, that is our recommendation to avoid this problem.

    For the price, this bike is pretty much impossible to beat. If I was in the market for a new race bike, this would not be it. If I was looking for a fun and smooth trail bike with the added bonus of being street legal, I would have my eyes on this GPX.

    GPX FSE 300R Review

    March 28th, 2022

    Written by

    A warm day in Montana in mid-March gave us the perfect opportunity to take our brand new fleet of 2022 GPX dirtbikes out for a day of testing. We loaded up and drove out to Radersburg, Montana to do some riding and filming and develop opinions on these Chinese machines. One of our bikes of focus was the 2022 GPX FSE 300R.

    This bike is a liquid cooled, electronic fuel injected 300cc 4 stroke dirtbike. It comes fully street legal with blinkers, brake lights, mirrors and a headlight. It also includes a motocross style number plate and all of these additions can be easily removed to make it more of an off-road oriented machine. The bike isn’t the lightest there is but carries it weight well, tipping the scales at 254 pounds full of fuel and ready to ride.

    Our Review of the 2022 GPX FSE 300R

    I was immediately impressed with the chassis. The bike feels and handles much like a KTM and I felt right at home. After only a couple of laps on the bike I was feeling comfortable and flicking it around with ease. The suspension is surprisingly good; I didn’t expect it to be bad, but it exceeded all of my expectations. The forks have amazing bottoming resistance and eat up small bumps well. The suspension truly feels competitive with the setups on modern Japanese or Austrian bikes. I might not have been able to tell the difference if the forks were unbranded and you told me to compare them to modern Showas, KYBs, or WP.

    The brakes are strong but not as good as Brembos. Brembos are the gold standard in braking so that might be expected. They did not leave much to be desired, but could have a bit more bite if I’m being picky. Now that I’ve established how impressed I was with the chassis, let’s talk about the engine.

    The EFI feels like it could use some tuning at the low end. The bike does not have a very crisp throttle response right off the bottom and requires a little clutching to ride well. As soon as you hit the mid to top end of the power, the bike is happy and runs flawlessly. The power is far from aggressive; it is very smooth and manageable. Compared to a 250F race bike from a Japanese or Austrian manufacturer, this bike is not as fast and not nearly as aggressive. That said, it can be ridden quite hard and is still a ton of fun. I think this could be a perfect dirtbike for somebody getting into riding or someone who doesn’t enjoy the abrupt and strong power of all of the modern race bikes.

    The only real issue we experienced with this bike was the handlebar mounts coming loose. We aren’t sure if this is a result of inferior rubber bushings being used. When we got back to the shop we used Loctite on the bolts and will follow up if we experience this issue in the future. If this issue is persistent, the clamps can be swapped out with OEM KTM or aftermarket alternatives.

    For the price, this bike is hard to beat. That being said, depending what you are looking for I might recommend the GPX FSE 250E, which is an even cheaper option that performs pretty similarly. We did a comparison of these 2 bikes, and you can click here to give that a read and watch our YouTube video. If I was in the market for a new race bike, this would not be it. If I was looking for a fun and smooth trail bike with the added bonus of being street legal, I would have my eyes on this GPX.

    Our Process of Reconditioning a Machine

    March 24th, 2022

    Written by

    Here at Different Stroke Motorsports we take great pride in the used machines we sell. We have been in business for over 20 years in the Gallatin Valley as a primarily used dealer. Over the years we have developed a robust process for reconditioning machines back to ready-to-ride condition. It is important to us that our customers leave the shop satisfied with their purchase and confident in the reliability of their new (used) machine.

    We decided to give you a look into our entire process of reconditioning a machine so that you can feel confident in the work we do here and be excited to go explore the trails as soon as you leave our lot. Our process has developed from when we started in a small shop in Bozeman with just 3 people, to a slightly larger shop in Belgrade, to now where have a team of a dozen people and growing in our current Manhattan location.

    Obtaining Used Vehicles

    We acquire used vehicles in a variety of ways. We purchase from private parties, accept vehicles on trades, and purchase from other dealers who prefer not to sell used inventory. Some of the items we acquire are nearly ready to go as soon as we get them, while others require a lot of work to bring back to a reliable riding condition. No matter the case, nothing leaves our lot that we wouldn’t be confident to take out for a ride ourselves.

    Time in the Shop

    We have a talented team of mechanics out in our shop who do an incredible job bringing machines back to life. Their years of experience and attention to detail ensures maintenance is performed in necessary areas. Machines are fully inspected and areas that require attention are either serviced or replaced. Our mechanics are not given time constraints on each machine they work on. This gives them the opportunity to recondition each machine to the absolute best of their ability without worrying about racing against the clock. We believe this is a huge factor in the quality of the work we are able to provide.

    Joe Murnion performing repairs on a used ATV

    Of course the process varies depending on the machine type, but in general our mechanics inspect all of the following areas of each machine and perform necessary maintenance wherever is necessary:

    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Primary Drive
    • Differentials
    • Braking System
    • Gauges
    • Electrical System
    • Seals
    • Suspension
    • Fuel System
    • Steering
    • Cooling System

    If one of our mechanics determines that a vehicle is in need of replacement parts, they let our shop manager Tim know and he promptly gets the parts ordered.

    Joe finishing up mechanical repairs and moving the ATV to the detail bay

    The Detail Bay

    Justin Sylvester has a passion for making things shine. When the machines are done in the shop, they may be totally reliable and ready to rip but still show signs of their age. This can be anything from faded plastics to chipped paint or scratches. We know that despite a machine being used they can still look incredible and be reliable. Justin goes through a thorough wash process followed by detailing. You should see his eyes light up as a machine goes from weathered to shiny.

    The Testing Process

    Despite our multistep process, of course we are human and things can be overlooked on rare occasions. This is why we have implemented a machine checklist and testing process for every machine that goes through the shop. After a machine has been worked on by our mechanics and then washed and detailed by Justin, we test ride it in our top-secret testing location. We go through all the gears, test the brakes, accelerate heavily (for testing), test electrical components and see if there is anything else we can find that we ourselves wouldn’t be happy with as a customer. If we find any issues, the machine goes back through the process until it us up to the Different Stroke standard.

    The smile we always get from Justin Sylvester after he’s shined up a machine

    Into the Showroom

    Once we have vehicles services, detailed and tested, they are tagged and brought into the showroom to patiently await their next owner.

    GPX FSE 250E vs GPX FSE 300R

    March 24th, 2022

    Written by

    Our unusually warm Montana winters are starting to become the usual, so when the opportunity came about in the middle of March to finally do some testing on our new fleet of GPX motorcycles I was not hugely surprised. While snowfall is needed and makes for a much less smoky summer, being able to test these bikes so early in the year was indeed a treat. A lot of skepticism comes with anything Chinese in the powersports industry, but GPX has done an incredible job of creating reliable dirtbikes at affordable price points. They are not the fire breathing race bikes you’ll find of a Japanese or Austrian manufacturer, but they are fun, smooth and handle well. These are the perfect bikes for the casual trail rider.

    Our Comparison Video of the Two Bikes at Radersburg, Montana

    I had never been on a GPX bike prior to this day of testing. Coming from a KTM, I felt immediately at home on the chassis. The chassis closely resembles that of a KTM and you can tell. Body positioning and handling felt natural right away. The biggest surprise was how good the suspension is. The forks have incredible bottoming resistance and soak up small bumps quite well. With regards to the chassis and components, the 250E and 300R are identical. They feel nearly exactly the same and share all the same components. From a chassis point of view, both bikes are great.

    This leaves the one thing about these bikes that is actually different: the engine. The 250 is air cooled and carbureted. The 300 is liquid cooled and fuel injected. Going into the day I fully expected the 300 to blow the 250 out of the water. From my experience EFI is superior to carburetion and I also expected the air cooled 250 engine to be much more tame than that of the liquid cooled 300. In reality, both engines produce similar power. Let’s start with the 250.

    The 250 has great throttle response, particularly at the bottom end. Our testing was at 5,000 feet and the stock jetting is crisp and responsive. While I would not describe the power as “snappy”, the low end response was much more crisp than I expected. The bike produces great power off the bottom, but reaches the top of each gear quickly. This engine needs to be shifted often and attentively to pull hard enough out of corners and accelerate on straights. I would almost compare it to a two stroke in its desire to be shifted constantly. The top end is where this engine lacks, as you’ll often find yourself holding it wide open and feathering the clutch to try to get as much out of this motor as possible. Overall, it isn’t a bike I’d find myself on at a race, but it’s got enough kick behind it to have a great time regardless of skill level.

    2022 GPX FSE 250E

    The 300 surprised me in that the EFI needs some work off the bottom. Unlike the 250, the bottom end throttle response is where the 300 suffers the most. It has the slightest bog as you initially open the throttle, but as you open it further and get into the meat of the power it becomes smooth and hearty. The power is still very smooth and it’s not that abundant; a Japanese or Austrian 250F is still quite a bit faster than this 300R. That said, this 300R shines in the mid and top compared to the 250E and is noticeable faster. It likes to be shifted as well but is not nearly as picky as the 250E and can pull each gear a little longer. As a whole I wouldn’t find myself racing this bike either, but this is certainly the more competitive of the two.

    2022 GPX FSE 300R

    Overall both of these bikes are truthfully amazing entry level bikes for a new trail rider, or great low budget options for the casual weekend warrior looking to have a good time. These bikes will require far less maintenance than a performance race bike and the mellow engine characteristics will ensure minimal valve adjustments and top end replacements. Truthfully the differences are minimal enough that if I were in the market I would probably go with the 250E. With a $1,500 difference in price, I didn’t think the fun factor on the 300R was that much higher to warrant that difference in price. With some adjustments to the EFI, my opinion on that could be a little different. Have questions? Feel free to contact us!

    Enter Our BMS Pro 110 Giveaway!

    March 8th, 2022

    Different Stroke Motorsports is giving away a BMS Pro 110! The BMS Pro 110 is an amazing entry level dirtbike and is great for kids getting into the sport or adults looking for a fun pit bike to rip around the campsite or pit bike track! They have manual transmissions with a clutch, which can be hard to find in pit bikes! We can’t wait to see who is lucky enough to take this bike home and enjoy it. If you would like to check out the bike or learn more about it feel free to stop by the shop and we’ll be happy to show you!

    It has a 107cc 4 stroke 6.2 horsepower air cooled engine. It has a 4 speed transmission and is available with or without a clutch. The bike we will be giving away is the manual version. There are not a lot of 110s available with clutches, and they are so much fun to ride!

    We will be giving away one of these bikes in a color of your choice (black, blue or red). The winner will be selected on March 15th!

    To enter the giveaway:

    1. Follow us on Instagram
    2. Like this Instagram post
    3. Tag 3 friends in the comments section of the post
    4. Share the post to your story

    The winner will be randomly selected from eligible entries on March 15th and notified via Instagram direct message. You must be 16 years of age or older to enter, or your parent or guardian will be required to sign for the bike. You must respond within 48 hours and must be able to pick the bike up locally at Different Stroke Motorsports within 1 week. The winner will be announced publicly once we have a confirmation.

    Why Purchase Pre-Owned Powersports Equipment?

    February 22nd, 2022
    Tim Johnson

    Written by Tim Johnson

    Sometimes a brand new machine is not the best option. Whether you are a first time rider, looking to get started riding again, or are simply looking to purchase a machine at a better price point, we at Different Stroke Motorsports have options for you. Let’s go over what makes us stand out from purchasing a machine just anywhere.

    Already Accessorized

    A great reason to consider a preowned machine is that oftentimes our machines are included with awesome accessories! Most new machines are delivered “bare bones”, no windshields, no winches or plows, no cab enclosures or heat, no oversize tires or aftermarket add-ons. Many of the machines that we acquire have these parts already installed. This could save you thousands of dollars, buying with these parts already installed. We enjoy being able to pass on to our customers a machine loaded with all of the parts that they are already looking for, without the full market mark-up or wait time for installation! If our customers are looking to add on additional parts or accessories we offer quick installation at a great price.

    Our Inspection and Service

    As with the purchase of any preowned equipment, customers do not know the history and condition of what they are purchasing. We tackle this dilemma by putting all of our preowned machines through an extensive inspection, and reconditioning. This includes but is not limited to: engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, body, controls and accessories. In reconditioning our goal is to bring machines back to 95-99% of their greatest condition. We have confidence that no matter the mileage of our units, they have been inspected, tested, and will give our customers many more miles of use to come.

    Ready to Roll

    When our machines hit the showroom they are ready to roll! Due to recent and unrecovered supply chain issues, many manufacturers are not able to keep up with the demand for powersports equipment. Many are under the constraints of a limited allocation of units, often causing extended wait times for purchase or receive a unit. Although our process still relies on the supply of parts, once our machines are completed through our shop, tested, and fully detailed, they are ready to be purchased. No waiting in line.

    3 Easy Tips for Storing Your Snowmobile During the Offseason

    February 8th, 2022
    Amy Fehsal

    Written by Amy Fehsal

    Storing your snowmobile during the offseason requires just a few tasks in order to keep it in top shape for winter. Snowmobiles are recreational vehicles that normally get utilized for a max of 4 months out of the year in numerous areas. That indicates that they must be kept for roughly 8 months out of the year. Taking extra preventative measures and preparations when saving your snowmobile for the warmer months will make it much easier to enjoy the winter season with a fresh and maintained machine at the beginning of the season.

    Following are some standard rules and ideas to follow when saving your snowmobile in order to ensure the optimum quantity of enjoyment when the first snow falls in your area.

    Environment Controlled Space For Storing Your Snowmobile

    One of the most essential things to bear in mind when saving your snowmobile is that it ought to be stored in a climate-controlled space. A number of storage businesses use this service if you are willing to pay for a perfect area to save your sled. If this is not possible, find a location that will have a minimum of temperature modifications so condensation will not develop on or in the components of your snowmobile.

    Before covering it and storing it for the warmer months, spray it down freely with WD-40 since this will help keep the parts lubed and protected throughout the months when it is not being used.

    When it comes to the gas tank, there are various theories regarding the ideal amount of fuel to keep in your snowmobile throughout the storage months. Some owners have argued that a full gas tank will cause condensation and deterioration in your sled. Fuel likewise loses its strength after a while, so if it is left in the tank for too long, it will not be practical. Others have actually argued that an empty gas tank during the storage season will prevent the fuel from weakening.

    If your snowmobile utilizes an oil mix, the mix might likewise separate and cause other parts to become clogged if the mix is left in the tank. The very best thing to do is to read the owner’s manual to find out what your specific snowmobile brand suggests.

    Adjust Mechanical Components During Sled Storage

    Snowmobile owners should likewise check the mechanical elements and moving parts of their device when preparing it for storage. These things are typically ignored at the start of the snowmobile season and the warmer weather condition of the storage season is easier for this type of preparation. Check each nut and bolt to ensure they are tight. If there are missing parts or things that need repairs, make the needed repairs prior to storing your snowmobile.

    Also, remove the spark plugs and add an extremely small percentage of 2-cycle motor oil in every empty spark plug cylinder in order to prevent them from rusting. Plug the openings on the snowmobile, such as the exhaust pipe, with an old rage to avoid condensation from forming on the inside of the pipe. Likewise, eliminate the seat to avoid rodents from forming a nest inside of it.

    When the snowmobile season starts, the first thing you must do is to pull the starter rope a couple of times in order to appropriately oil cylinder walls that hold the spark plugs. You can then re-insert the spark plugs that you removed prior to storage or, even optionally, utilize brand-new spark plugs. Make sure to examine the fluid levels before operating your snowmobile because low or empty fluids could cause serious damage to the engine.

    External Touch Up Of Your Snowmobile After Storing For The Summer

    Look for surface areas that have ended up being scratched or nicked and touch up the areas with rust-resistant paint. Letting a little location go without doing this might develop into a big bare location that undergoes rust and deterioration. Finally, add a coat of wax for optimal efficiency and reattach the seat properly before going on your very first snowmobile ride of the new season.


    Following these simple steps will help guarantee that your snowmobile will ride appropriately for years to come. It is very important to describe your owner’s handbook in order to get a complete listing of what requires to be done with your particular model prior to storing your snowmobile for an extended period. Having a specialist examine your sled at the end of every winter could be expensive and is typically unnecessary.

    Many storage facilities provide locations and climate-controlled units particularly designed to fit the needs of snowmobile owners. With the proper equipment and preparations, nevertheless, your garage or storage shed can be the ideal and most cost-effective way of keeping your snowmobile for the winter season.

    If you are looking to buy new or used snowmobiles for sale in Montana, explore the “shop” section of our website, give us a call at (406)284-9985, or better yet, stop by our showroom in Manhattan, MT to see what we have in stock.

    Let us know your best tips for storing your snowmobile during the offseason in the comments below!

    Top 4 Essential ATV Accessories

    February 8th, 2022
    Amy Fehsal

    Written by Amy Fehsal

    Having the appropriate accessories for your all-terrain vehicle can increase your riding experience and also make it much more enjoyable. ATV accessories can additionally serve a utilitarian function and also help you to complete tasks such as carrying tons as well as toting heavy equipment. They can additionally include rider safety and security by protecting against abrasions from trees as well as minimizing the threat of drops.

    ATVs serve numerous functions, the majority of which can be assisted by the best four-wheeler accessories. The purpose of your all-terrain vehicle will certainly establish which accessories are right for you. Safety equipment is vital for all riders, ramps will certainly be found in handy for a lot of riders, and hitches, winches, as well as racks are a have to for those that use their All-terrain vehicles for work functions. In this article, we will consider the 4 most important ATV accessories for your all-terrain experiences.

    Safety Accessories for All-terrain Vehicles

    Every four-wheeler operator ought to have safety and security gear. Security gear is an essential accessory and also can avoid severe injuries. All riders ought to use goggles, safety helmets, and also handwear covers as well as rugged pants as well as a jacket to shield against abrasions. Many states require minors to put on safety gear, and also even if your own does not, no one ought to ever drive without proper safety accessories. Safety accessories for your all-terrain vehicle consist of bumpers as well as sturdy covers.

    ATV Loading Ramps

    If you ever take a trip with your four-wheeler a crucial accessory is a ramp. A ramp will make loading and unloading your ATV from your vehicle or trailer very easy as well as secure. Do not be attracted to make use of some old 2×4’s as a ramp as they will be most likely to break under the weight of your all-terrain vehicle and are not secure.

    Enclosed trailers and utility trailers are the safest way to load and tow your recreational vehicles.

    Another vital accessory for your ATV throughout transportation is tie-down straps. Ensure you acquire sturdy bands that will secure the weight of your four-wheeler to your truck or trailer. If you take a trip usually, you should consider purchasing a trailer made specifically for your ATV as it is a much safer way to deliver your four-wheeler than in the back of your vehicle.

    Hitch Your ATV To More Accessories

    If you use your all-terrain vehicle for work functions or just want to have the capability to tow things if the requirement develops, a hitch is an important ATV accessory. You can draw essentially anything with your ATV if it has a hitch from various other All-terrain vehicles to wagons and also carts. This can show really useful if you do a great deal of yard work or have heavy points to move around your residential property.

    Four-Wheeler Winch When In A Pinch

    Two ATV Quad Bikes featuring winch accessories in front of mountains landscape.

    Winches are likewise beneficial accessories to have whether you do work with your ATV or not. With a winch, you can pull your all-terrain vehicle quickly out of the mud or help in helping other stuck All-terrain vehicles.

    Optional ATV Accessories

    Some all-terrain vehicle accessories enhance the appearance of your all-terrain vehicle consisting of ground kits and customized body components. If you intend to make your all-terrain vehicle special and tailor it to your preference, these accessories are a good way to do it. Ensure whatever accessory you purchase is compatible with your four-wheeler which you can actually utilize.

    While informal riders can do without a few of these utilitarian accessories, most riders find they gain from them greatly. Even if you don’t get a lot of additionals with your four-wheeler, make sure you have security gear as well as a ramp, and also always ride securely.

    Let us know in the comments what you have actually experienced to be your most important four-wheeler accessories! If you are in the market for a new or used ATV for sale in Montana, give us a call or stop by our shop today.

    The Right ATV For You!

    February 8th, 2022
    Amy Fehsal

    Written by Amy Fehsal

    The sun is shining. The snow is melting. Now it’s time to get out and enjoy the great Montana spring! Dust off the old wallet and get moving on buying an ATV to get you in the mountains!

    First is first… You need to find the right ATV for you.

    There are so many styles, makes, models and sizes to chose from this day and age. So now more than ever it’s important to get which one fits you the best.

    The first question I ask my customers is, what will they most likely be doing with the atv?

    • Joy riding?
    • Work?
    • Both work and play?
    • Mountains?
    • Trails?
    • Sand dunes?
    • 2 Passengers?

    This first question will help us point you in the right direction.

    • So for joy riding,  we would point you to an ATV with a little more suspension and possibly power steering. Yep,  they make machines now with all the bells and whistles!
    • For work the first thing is that the machine has a low range for towing and hauling heavy items. The suspension will also need to be a little more stout for work.
    • For combined work and play there are some get crossover ATVs that work great for both.
    • The trails are a great place to go and explore the great mountains that surround us! Most ATV’s are trail legal. The forest service trails require that ATV’s to be 50″ wide or less. They have special gates that you have to fit thought to get on the trail systems.
    • The sand dunes are a fun and exhilarating place to ride! You will need some extra horse power and special tires to ride here!
    • 2 passenger ATV’s are growing in popularity these days as husbands and wives are getting out and about with each other. These ATV’s are equipped with a rear seat behind the driver. It has footrests for both driver and passenger and an extended wheelbase.  Some of the 2ups will have hand grips for the passenger. If you are riding 2 people on an ATV these are the way to go. They are very comfortable!

    Finally,  to end my first blog,  make sure that you do your research and get the right ATV for you. Go out and ride a few and find the perfect fit!

    Thank you so much for reading!

    Happy Riding, Amy

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