February 8th, 2022
Amy Fehsal

Written by Amy Fehsal

Storing your snowmobile during the offseason requires just a few tasks in order to keep it in top shape for winter. Snowmobiles are recreational vehicles that normally get utilized for a max of 4 months out of the year in numerous areas. That indicates that they must be kept for roughly 8 months out of the year. Taking extra preventative measures and preparations when saving your snowmobile for the warmer months will make it much easier to enjoy the winter season with a fresh and maintained machine at the beginning of the season.

Following are some standard rules and ideas to follow when saving your snowmobile in order to ensure the optimum quantity of enjoyment when the first snow falls in your area.

Environment Controlled Space For Storing Your Snowmobile

One of the most essential things to bear in mind when saving your snowmobile is that it ought to be stored in a climate-controlled space. A number of storage businesses use this service if you are willing to pay for a perfect area to save your sled. If this is not possible, find a location that will have a minimum of temperature modifications so condensation will not develop on or in the components of your snowmobile.

Before covering it and storing it for the warmer months, spray it down freely with WD-40 since this will help keep the parts lubed and protected throughout the months when it is not being used.

When it comes to the gas tank, there are various theories regarding the ideal amount of fuel to keep in your snowmobile throughout the storage months. Some owners have argued that a full gas tank will cause condensation and deterioration in your sled. Fuel likewise loses its strength after a while, so if it is left in the tank for too long, it will not be practical. Others have actually argued that an empty gas tank during the storage season will prevent the fuel from weakening.

If your snowmobile utilizes an oil mix, the mix might likewise separate and cause other parts to become clogged if the mix is left in the tank. The very best thing to do is to read the owner’s manual to find out what your specific snowmobile brand suggests.

Adjust Mechanical Components During Sled Storage

Snowmobile owners should likewise check the mechanical elements and moving parts of their device when preparing it for storage. These things are typically ignored at the start of the snowmobile season and the warmer weather condition of the storage season is easier for this type of preparation. Check each nut and bolt to ensure they are tight. If there are missing parts or things that need repairs, make the needed repairs prior to storing your snowmobile.

Also, remove the spark plugs and add an extremely small percentage of 2-cycle motor oil in every empty spark plug cylinder in order to prevent them from rusting. Plug the openings on the snowmobile, such as the exhaust pipe, with an old rage to avoid condensation from forming on the inside of the pipe. Likewise, eliminate the seat to avoid rodents from forming a nest inside of it.

When the snowmobile season starts, the first thing you must do is to pull the starter rope a couple of times in order to appropriately oil cylinder walls that hold the spark plugs. You can then re-insert the spark plugs that you removed prior to storage or, even optionally, utilize brand-new spark plugs. Make sure to examine the fluid levels before operating your snowmobile because low or empty fluids could cause serious damage to the engine.

External Touch Up Of Your Snowmobile After Storing For The Summer

Look for surface areas that have ended up being scratched or nicked and touch up the areas with rust-resistant paint. Letting a little location go without doing this might develop into a big bare location that undergoes rust and deterioration. Finally, add a coat of wax for optimal efficiency and reattach the seat properly before going on your very first snowmobile ride of the new season.


Following these simple steps will help guarantee that your snowmobile will ride appropriately for years to come. It is very important to describe your owner’s handbook in order to get a complete listing of what requires to be done with your particular model prior to storing your snowmobile for an extended period. Having a specialist examine your sled at the end of every winter could be expensive and is typically unnecessary.

Many storage facilities provide locations and climate-controlled units particularly designed to fit the needs of snowmobile owners. With the proper equipment and preparations, nevertheless, your garage or storage shed can be the ideal and most cost-effective way of keeping your snowmobile for the winter season.

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