February 22nd, 2022
Tim Johnson

Written by Tim Johnson

Sometimes a brand new machine is not the best option. Whether you are a first time rider, looking to get started riding again, or are simply looking to purchase a machine at a better price point, we at Different Stroke Motorsports have options for you. Let’s go over what makes us stand out from purchasing a machine just anywhere.

Already Accessorized

A great reason to consider a preowned machine is that oftentimes our machines are included with awesome accessories! Most new machines are delivered “bare bones”, no windshields, no winches or plows, no cab enclosures or heat, no oversize tires or aftermarket add-ons. Many of the machines that we acquire have these parts already installed. This could save you thousands of dollars, buying with these parts already installed. We enjoy being able to pass on to our customers a machine loaded with all of the parts that they are already looking for, without the full market mark-up or wait time for installation! If our customers are looking to add on additional parts or accessories we offer quick installation at a great price.

Our Inspection and Service

As with the purchase of any preowned equipment, customers do not know the history and condition of what they are purchasing. We tackle this dilemma by putting all of our preowned machines through an extensive inspection, and reconditioning. This includes but is not limited to: engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, body, controls and accessories. In reconditioning our goal is to bring machines back to 95-99% of their greatest condition. We have confidence that no matter the mileage of our units, they have been inspected, tested, and will give our customers many more miles of use to come.

Ready to Roll

When our machines hit the showroom they are ready to roll! Due to recent and unrecovered supply chain issues, many manufacturers are not able to keep up with the demand for powersports equipment. Many are under the constraints of a limited allocation of units, often causing extended wait times for purchase or receive a unit. Although our process still relies on the supply of parts, once our machines are completed through our shop, tested, and fully detailed, they are ready to be purchased. No waiting in line.

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