February 8th, 2022
Amy Fehsal

Written by Amy Fehsal

The sun is shining. The snow is melting. Now it’s time to get out and enjoy the great Montana spring! Dust off the old wallet and get moving on buying an ATV to get you in the mountains!

First is first… You need to find the right ATV for you.

There are so many styles, makes, models and sizes to chose from this day and age. So now more than ever it’s important to get which one fits you the best.

The first question I ask my customers is, what will they most likely be doing with the atv?

  • Joy riding?
  • Work?
  • Both work and play?
  • Mountains?
  • Trails?
  • Sand dunes?
  • 2 Passengers?

This first question will help us point you in the right direction.

  • So for joy riding,  we would point you to an ATV with a little more suspension and possibly power steering. Yep,  they make machines now with all the bells and whistles!
  • For work the first thing is that the machine has a low range for towing and hauling heavy items. The suspension will also need to be a little more stout for work.
  • For combined work and play there are some get crossover ATVs that work great for both.
  • The trails are a great place to go and explore the great mountains that surround us! Most ATV’s are trail legal. The forest service trails require that ATV’s to be 50″ wide or less. They have special gates that you have to fit thought to get on the trail systems.
  • The sand dunes are a fun and exhilarating place to ride! You will need some extra horse power and special tires to ride here!
  • 2 passenger ATV’s are growing in popularity these days as husbands and wives are getting out and about with each other. These ATV’s are equipped with a rear seat behind the driver. It has footrests for both driver and passenger and an extended wheelbase.  Some of the 2ups will have hand grips for the passenger. If you are riding 2 people on an ATV these are the way to go. They are very comfortable!

Finally,  to end my first blog,  make sure that you do your research and get the right ATV for you. Go out and ride a few and find the perfect fit!

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Riding, Amy

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