June 23rd, 2022

Last week we had the opportunity to take a line of HiSun machines out to Pipestone, Montana for a day of riding and testing. One of those machines was the Sector 550 EPS UTV. This machine is a 550cc fuel injected 2 seater utility vehicle. It comes stock with pretty much all of the major features you might want – selectable 2×4 4×4, power steering, street legal, dump box, winch, lockable differential, and more.

As a whole we were very pleased with the machine. It is spacious and handles well. The bed is useful and we were able to haul all of our gear comfortably. While we often found our foot to the floor, the 550cc engine was able to pull up any hill we pointed it at and never let us down. It isn’t the fastest side by side around, but it is smooth and reliable. Despite itching for a little more speed here and there, we had plenty of fun rallying this SxS through the double track at Pipestone.

Watch our review of the HiSun Sector 550 on YouTube

Really we didn’t have any major complaints. When you set the parking brake, the machine has a high pitched and very annoying beep that continues until the machine is turned off. The tailgate is also not strong enough to sit on, which is a natural thing to want to do.

The Sector did great for our utility work around the shop as well. We hauled a trailer filled with tires that was likely overweight and the little 550 pulled it without complaint. This is a tough machine to beat at this price point. I might have my eye on the 750 purely for the fun of a having a little more power, but for many people the 550 might be just right. For a utility side by side, the Sector is high quality at a great value.

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