March 24th, 2022

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Here at Different Stroke Motorsports we take great pride in the used machines we sell. We have been in business for over 20 years in the Gallatin Valley as a primarily used dealer. Over the years we have developed a robust process for reconditioning machines back to ready-to-ride condition. It is important to us that our customers leave the shop satisfied with their purchase and confident in the reliability of their new (used) machine.

We decided to give you a look into our entire process of reconditioning a machine so that you can feel confident in the work we do here and be excited to go explore the trails as soon as you leave our lot. Our process has developed from when we started in a small shop in Bozeman with just 3 people, to a slightly larger shop in Belgrade, to now where have a team of a dozen people and growing in our current Manhattan location.

Obtaining Used Vehicles

We acquire used vehicles in a variety of ways. We purchase from private parties, accept vehicles on trades, and purchase from other dealers who prefer not to sell used inventory. Some of the items we acquire are nearly ready to go as soon as we get them, while others require a lot of work to bring back to a reliable riding condition. No matter the case, nothing leaves our lot that we wouldn’t be confident to take out for a ride ourselves.

Time in the Shop

We have a talented team of mechanics out in our shop who do an incredible job bringing machines back to life. Their years of experience and attention to detail ensures maintenance is performed in necessary areas. Machines are fully inspected and areas that require attention are either serviced or replaced. Our mechanics are not given time constraints on each machine they work on. This gives them the opportunity to recondition each machine to the absolute best of their ability without worrying about racing against the clock. We believe this is a huge factor in the quality of the work we are able to provide.

Joe Murnion performing repairs on a used ATV

Of course the process varies depending on the machine type, but in general our mechanics inspect all of the following areas of each machine and perform necessary maintenance wherever is necessary:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Primary Drive
  • Differentials
  • Braking System
  • Gauges
  • Electrical System
  • Seals
  • Suspension
  • Fuel System
  • Steering
  • Cooling System

If one of our mechanics determines that a vehicle is in need of replacement parts, they let our shop manager Tim know and he promptly gets the parts ordered.

Joe finishing up mechanical repairs and moving the ATV to the detail bay

The Detail Bay

Justin Sylvester has a passion for making things shine. When the machines are done in the shop, they may be totally reliable and ready to rip but still show signs of their age. This can be anything from faded plastics to chipped paint or scratches. We know that despite a machine being used they can still look incredible and be reliable. Justin goes through a thorough wash process followed by detailing. You should see his eyes light up as a machine goes from weathered to shiny.

The Testing Process

Despite our multistep process, of course we are human and things can be overlooked on rare occasions. This is why we have implemented a machine checklist and testing process for every machine that goes through the shop. After a machine has been worked on by our mechanics and then washed and detailed by Justin, we test ride it in our top-secret testing location. We go through all the gears, test the brakes, accelerate heavily (for testing), test electrical components and see if there is anything else we can find that we ourselves wouldn’t be happy with as a customer. If we find any issues, the machine goes back through the process until it us up to the Different Stroke standard.

The smile we always get from Justin Sylvester after he’s shined up a machine

Into the Showroom

Once we have vehicles services, detailed and tested, they are tagged and brought into the showroom to patiently await their next owner.

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