April 13th, 2022

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Carpooling with dirt bikes can be a bit tricky. Fitting the gear and bikes of 3 riders can be a difficult and frustrating task in a truck bed. Even with 2 bikes, crossing straps is tedious. There are certainly ways to get it done, but most of them require extra time and energy that could be spent at the track or on the trails. This issue has been solved by the CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack. This rack mounts into your truck bed and makes it incredibly fast and easy to load 2 or 3 dirt bikes.

CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack mounted in a Ram 1500

The Bed Buddy has wheel chocks for 3 bikes. The first 2 bikes go in the left and right slots, and CCR offers a convenient extender for the 3rd bike that offsets it back far enough that handlebars will not interfere with each other. The rack has a convenient tiedown point right in the middle that completely eliminates the need to cross straps. This is always the most difficult part of the process from our experience, and CCR eliminates that difficulty.

3rd bike extender on the CCR Sport Bed Buddy moto rack

For the 3rd bike in the middle, we tend to recommend ratchet straps instead of cam straps as it can be a bit tough to get enough tension on the 3rd bike without ratchets due to the lack of available space. The outer bikes can use cam straps or ratchet straps based on your personal preference. Generally with dirt bikes we prefer cam straps as they are just a bit quicker when loading and unloading bikes.

Mounting the Bed Buddy is easy. It comes with hardware that can be used to blindly mount the rack, eliminating the need to access the backside of your truck bed to thread nuts onto bolts. There are 3 different size racks for small, medium and large pickups. These racks are reasonably priced at $209.99 and $69.99 for the third bike extender. From our experience the CCR Bed Buddy moto rack is money well spent, and you will thank yourself for the convenience every time you load more than 1 bike into your pickup bed.

CCR Bed Buddy moto racks are available today at Different Stroke Motorsports. Stop by the shop and purchase yours today!

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