April 14th, 2022

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As we continue our ride and review series for the GPX line of dirtbikes, we finally had the opportunity to bring the 2022 GPX TSE 250R 2 stroke out to Radersburg for some riding and testing. This engine on this bike is based on an older Yamaha engine design and is actually 224ccc, not 249cc. The chassis, as with the other full sized GPX bikes, closely resembles that of a KTM and shares similar components.

This is a beautiful bike with quality components: billet hubs and footpegs, fully adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, full instrumentation, a street legal kit, handguards and more. GPX certainly packs a big package into a small price tag. From our testing, this bike is every bit as reliable as a big name brand and the price just can’t be beat. It has electric start with a backup kickstarter as well.

Watch our review of the GPX TSE 250R

Overall, we love the chassis. The bike feels great and handles smoothly. Vibration is minimal, suspension is fluid and brakes are strong. The engine on this bike demands to be ridden aggressively. It makes great power in the top end but must be shifted to maintain acceleration; it has little to no overrev and you’ll find yourself going through gears quickly. The shift lever is low and close to the case in the stock position. Raising the shifter would help significantly, but the closeness to the case might be a difficult fix.

The bottom end is relatively strong but the bike does not necessarily “lug”; it has an impressive ability to keep pulling into the top end, but if you don’t keep the throttle twisted hard you might not get very far up anything technical. The bike performs its best when the RPMs are high. I felt like I had to ride it a bit like a 125, but the hit into the powerband isn’t quite so hard and the bottom end is stronger. Like I said, it demands to be shifted a lot which is very 125-esque.

While the bike may not be quite as fast as a YZ250 or a KTM 250 XC, it is fun, smooth and consistent. It is arguably easier to ride and more friendly to a newer rider as the power is not quite so aggressive but still available when you need it. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this bike on any of the single track I’ve ridden around Montana, some of which is very technical and demanding. This is a great trail bike at a great price. While it may not be the fastest bike in a race, it is reliable, fun and affordable.

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