June 20th, 2022

Last week we had the opportunity to bring the HiSun Tactic 550 out to Pipestone, Montana to film a review and see what we thought about the machine. Our overall thoughts were overwhelmingly positive. The machine looks good and performs even better. We truly didn’t have any complaints aside from the fact that being a 550, sometimes a little more power is desired. With that said, we never actually needed more power. The machine didn’t strand us anywhere or get stuck on any climbs. We just found ourselves riding it with our thumb pressed as far is it would go for the majority of our time riding it, but it got us everywhere we wanted to go without complaint.

Watch our HiSun Tactic 550 review on YouTube

The machine handles quite well and we never felt off balance. The suspension is high quality and fully adjustable. The brakes are strong, but often not even necessary since the engine braking is so powerful. All of the controls are intuitive, well placed and easy to use. The seat is comfortable and the riding position is natural. If I were in the market for a touring four wheeler on the lower end of the price spectrum, I would have my eye on a HiSun Tactic 550. With a little more to spend I might be keen to go for the 750 since it’s just a little more fun to ride with that extra power. The 550 is a well built and reliable unit that I would be prepared to take on any adventure.

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